In Vienna near the Campus you would find this coffee place called Weltcafe. It doesn’t look like something special from the outside but I guarantee you – it is always crowded. It doesn’t have a certain generation target and you can see all kinds of people there – tourists, students, mothers with children, elderly – everyone.

It has been around for quite some time now (they celebrate 10 years today) and most of the people I’ve talked to are pretty familiar with it and have been there at least once. It is a very friendly place, convenient for small study groups or just meeting your friends over breakfast or one of their amazing Zotter hot chocolates.

Mainly when I go there I choose their breakfasts. They serve them all day long and they have traditional as well as a bit more exotic pieces. Each breakfast comes with a drink and I always take one of the Zotter ones – mostly the Cashew – Caramel. Really give it a try, you won’t go wrong! The traditional breakfasts include French one (basically an omelette), English and American. Other choices are the Nepalese, Japanese, Oriental and healthy one.

Apart from that they offer a lunch menu for all of the days between Monday and Friday and I must say they are very Vegetarian/ Vegan friendly. Each day they include different meals with mostly three courses – soup, main dish and dessert.

Another thing they offer is the weekend bunch. It is not very pricey – around 15 euros and it is a buffet so it will for sure satisfy your appetite. They run it till 14 pm so there is plenty of time to try everything. Another interesting thing that I’ve observed is that they don’t serve just dishes typical for a breakfast meal but pretty much things suitable for lunch as well like a goulash or lasagna. So if you want to have not only a breakfast but a lunch as well – you get plenty of choice.

To sum up I think there is something for everyone there – the staff is very helpful and polite and you find yourself in a very calm, positive atmosphere so make sure to stop by and have a look at this place – it is worth it.





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