I was introduced to this restaurant a while ago by a friend of mine. You won’t probably find it in the hot lists with pizza places around Vienna but let me tell you – they know what they are doing. I instantly fell in love with the place and now I am going to tell you why.

It is actually situated at a very communicative place – right in front of the Neubaugasse subway station – so I find this extremely practical. Every time when I have had too much pizza to eat I can just slide through the stairs into the subway station and be on the tube in no time. Also if the weather is nice – it is quite near Schwedenplatz so normally I would just go for a walk till there or even further to Stephansplatz.

Now let me tell you more of the place itself. Once you enter you smell the appetizing smell of tomatoes, dough and garlic and I swear there is nothing better than that. The dimmed lights and the cosy atmosphere just bring more to the table and make you feel at home or at your grandmother where you are safe and sound, filled with food and just being comfortable. I don’t know about you but I am a total sucker for freshly made food and here you have it.

To your attention – you have on display your pizza while being made. I really love when I can see how the chefs use fresh ingredients, bake everything there and have no pre-prepared things. The menu is very well done – it offers a variety of pizzas, pasta, risotto, appetizers and desserts.

I fell in love with two things from the menu and I admit that they are only two because I order them always and never try the other things – they are just that good. From the pizzas that would be the Eatalico pizza with some rucola, prosciutto, beef mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and parmesan. It is a very settle and classic combination and you if you prefer something not very heavy that is the right pizza for you – it has everything a bit salad, cheese, some meat and as well in perfect proportions.

I cannot skip the dessert that I’ve been loving ever since I tried it – Crema di Fragola. It is so simple and basic but its charm is exactly in its simplicity. Basically what you get is mascarpone and cream with the most delicious strawberries that I have ever tasted since they are not fresh but prepared from a jam or something – I am really not sure. This flavor is further enriched with a pinch of chopped pistachios on top. I cannot find words to describe what a heavenly flavor you get after the first spoon.

But even if you have other preferences I am sure there is something in the menu for every taste. Another thing I forgot to mention is that the portions are rather large, at least for me as a girl. That’s why they offer you the great option of splitting the pizza and even getting two different halves with the person you’ve come. So for example you want the Eatalico and your friend wants the Margherita – no worries, just tell them you want it split in half and they will serve it this way for you.



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