Tonight was one of the premiers in the new season in the Vienna State Opera. The funny thing is that I did not actually realize the premier was tonight – I thought it was earlier in the week. So I went there, actually a bit earlier than usual, only to see that there were so many people that I was almost at the end of the line.

Every time I go to the standing places line I always bring something to read with me. It always makes the time fly by and it could be very helpful especially when I have to read something for university. I always try to use up my time as best as I can – doesn’t matter if I am waiting for tickets at the opera house or I’m riding on the tram, I always try to make the best of it.

The opera was pretty nice. If I have to be honest I expected much less I was not very impressed with the music after all of the operas I have heard till now but the staging was not bad at all. Actually it was very interesting. The plot goes about a woman who is more than 200 years old because she drunk a magical potion in the 16th century and she became the best singer. It was quite interesting but you have to see it – it is worth it. Maybe it is not for every taste but still it made an impression to me.

It is written by Leoš Janáček but sadly I haven’t heard anything from him. The one opera that I heard of that he wrote is Jenůfa but I don’t have much more of an outlook over it. I hope I will get to see it in the near future. I still don’t know if I am a fan of Janáček since it didn’t feel so drawn to it that much but still I think I have to give it another chance to amuse me. It will still be running till the end of December so you should give it chance as well.




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