Last night I saw the performance of La Traviata in Volksoper. It has been running for some time now and I never had the time to check it out. Since it is already winter break I decided that I have to make the most of my Friday night and pay a visit. Since I have seen the performance at Staatsoper I was not expecting to be so pleased with the performance.

If you have never seen an opera, this is for sure the one that will make you love this art. It is the opera that Julia Roberts’ character sees in “Pretty Woman” and you will find the music very familiar. It has been used multiple times in various cases in the media and film industry. I guarantee you that you will have an amazing time seeing this particular opera no matter where in the world.

Of course the opera is one of the best works that Verdi has written and I will be biased in everything I say. I love the music, the plot and everything about it. Every five minutes you either want to cry or sing. Personally I think I was brought to tears more than three times. The act was very moving and the singing could’ve been better only if Ana Netrebko has sung herself.

If you are not familiar with the plot, it basically tells the story of a courtesan and a noble man who is in love with her. However, his father is not very fond of their relationship and tries to separate them. He tells Violetta (the courtesan) that his daughter has to marry in a good family but it won’t be possible if his son Alfredo is connected to a fallen woman like her. In the mean time she has tuberculosis and will soon die. She decides to leave Alfredo and writes him a letter. He is furious and shortly after meets her at a party and insults her by throwing money at her “to pay” for he services. In the next scene she is shown in her house, dying. Alfredo now knows the whole truth and is sorry for his actions. He promises Violetta they will live happily together. She knows the end is near and she says to keep her photo and show it to his young bride who will love him as much as she did and that she will pray for both of them in heavens.

I went for standing places again but it is not really a big deal. You see everything and pay as much as three euros and if we have to be objective you cannot even buy a cup of coffee (if it is not an espresso) for this amount of money. However, the pleasure lasts much longer and leaves you wanting more. I would not mind at all seeing the performance another ten times if possible in the next week alone.

Although I love the opera I would completely lose my objectiveness if I do not criticize what should be criticized. I have noticed that Volksoper invested in this rotating mechanism on the stage and they never seize to use it. Even if it is interesting, I must say that overusing is not a good commercial as well. It doesn’t matter if they make an opera or a musical they always include this function and as a friend commented on it – it is like a microwave. So I would suggest less spinning and thinking of more ideas without the usage of the microwave function. I don’t say that it is bad or not interesting, just when it is in almost every play it tends to get annoying. One almost expects at every time that it will star to swerve and that takes out the pleasure of being surprised by the staging of the play.




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