I have been living for almost two years in Vienna and I have never been to this café throughout the time. Few days ago a colleague of mine suggested a brunch there since I wanted to try some place new. I have heard before of it and that it was situated in MQ. I was quite skeptical about it I must admit. Museumsquartier is a place for art! Or at least I thought so. I had her meet me outside since I had no clue where it was. After some time waiting (since I am always earlier than needed – another perk of being new to the city) she came and we met in front of Volkstheater. For my surprise it was situated in the other end of the quartier. At first I did not see it at all since we headed for the building of Leopold museum. Apparently it is almost part of the museum and it offers a very cozy atmosphere.

I was surprised that there were quite some people since it was a Wednesday and it was not exactly lunch break time. The menu does not offer a huge variety of breakfasts but it is enough to make your rumbling stomach happy again. The furnishing is very home-like or at least to me it is. It is simple, nothing very posh but it meets the needs for a coffee with a friend, business lunch or a brunch with the family.

The other thing I really loved but sadly it was for smokers was this kind of small terrace which is all glass and you get a really nice view towards the inside of the “Hof”. We did not sit there since we are non-smokers but the view you get from the main room is bad at all.

I would suggest a nice weekend morning well-spent there. You can enjoy art and food, basically two of my favorite things there can be. And for real, even if you are not fan of art, how cool is it to say that you had a coffee or lunch at a museum. I also did not know that it turns into a bar in the evening. My boyfriend once suggested going but since we both has no experience with it, we decided to leave it for another time. Sometimes there could be live music nights so beware! If you are looking for a place where you can have a more of a calmer night just check on their website what sorts of events are coming up on the day you want to go.  😉




(c) Café Leopold/ events.at

(c) Café Leopold/ falter.at


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