Today I want to tell you about a pastry shop I found accidentally. I was with a friend of mine on a Saturday afternoon and we were looking for a place to have some tea and chat. We met at Karlsplatz and decided to go to Budapest Bistro. I have never been there but thanks to one of the articles on 1000thingstodoinvienna we decided to go and take a look. Little did we know that after four o’clock p.m on Saturday they close.

We decided to take a walk to Pilgramgasse because that is where the address was leading us to but it took quite a while. We thought it would be a ten minute walk – well it was twice as long. Not only that but we are not the best when it comes to orientation so we had to go back and switch directions multiple times. Read more


Easter in Vienna

Let me tell you Easter is a big deal in Vienna – get used to it. There are the Osternmarktets, chocolate bunnies everywhere and all around you will be sure to find lots and lots of Easter decorations. It is as much loved and celebrated here as Christmas. The preparations start maybe half a month before the holiday and everyone is anticipating it.

Normally many European countries celebrate Easter and people prepare themselves for this Sunday of the year but in Austria it is brought to another level. They basically have it all here – from chocolate sheep, chicks and bunnies to colored eggs and Easter bread. I think I even saw some sort of Adventkalender but for Easter (that I think is a bit too much). Read more

Roméo et Julliete

Last week I went to see the Romeo and Juliette opera but right on the next day I felt utterly sick and did not have a chance to share my experience with you. I went there with a friend of mine because she is a sucker for romantic things just like me. As soon as I told her I am going, she immediately decided to tag along which was nice especially when you know you are going to wait for a while.

We were there quite early and still there were so many people that I felt rather desperate – I thought we have no chance in getting good places. However, nothing is decided till the moment you buy your ticket and eventually everything turned out pretty well in the end. Read more