Today I want to tell you about a pastry shop I found accidentally. I was with a friend of mine on a Saturday afternoon and we were looking for a place to have some tea and chat. We met at Karlsplatz and decided to go to Budapest Bistro. I have never been there but thanks to one of the articles on 1000thingstodoinvienna we decided to go and take a look. Little did we know that after four o’clock p.m on Saturday they close.

We decided to take a walk to Pilgramgasse because that is where the address was leading us to but it took quite a while. We thought it would be a ten minute walk – well it was twice as long. Not only that but we are not the best when it comes to orientation so we had to go back and switch directions multiple times.

Finally we found the bistro and as I said it was closed, we saw that it looks pretty nice but we couldn’t sadly experience what it is being like to sit there. So after the big stroll we were quite tired and wanted to sit and have some rest finally. Then we saw this “Konditorei” not far from our location and decided to take a look.

I was stunned! It looked a bit like a time machine that took me back fifty years ago. I have never heard of this pastry shop but for sure I was the only one there who accidentally got to find this place. There were so many people sitting inside and coming in and out, ordering cakes and pastry – it was amazing.

The atmosphere as you can imagine is very friendly, cozy and welcoming. I was sitting across the window with all the sweets and tarts inside that the whole time I was tempted to order something. Everything looked delicious and home-made (something you don’t find that often). They had also lots of things for Easter as well from chocolate bunnies, truffles and also this special Easter bread.

I also saw that they sell these huge jars full of jam and they looked so appetizing especially once I got to read the names and all the combinations from different flavors. I must say as well that the prices are very reasonable for its location, quality and feeling which you get once you go inside. I will be sure to visit again and if you are in the area make sure to go and check it out. You can also have all of these awesome cakes and pastries to take away for a party at home or just if you have a sweet tooth like me, to enjoy while sipping on some hot beverage and reading a nice book or watching a nice film.



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