Actually Seeing Tosca

So if you follow the Opera life in Vienna you would know that one of the biggest events this season was Tosca starring Jonas Kaufmann and Angela Gheorghiu. I have never seen such a line in my life for an opera performance. I have been to beloved operas such as the works of Wagner or for performances of great singers like Netrebko and Domingo but never have I seen before so many people. I went there at around twelve o’clock at noon and there were so many people already waiting. I can never be sure of the number but probably I would not exaggerate if I say 150.

I would be a liar if I say that I was not disappointed and that I did not reconsider multiple times leaving. I cherish opera, not the singers. They come and go. I am completely aware that hearing amazing voices combined with such divine music is worth every minute of waiting but when you have to suffer discomfort throughout the whole opera you are just deprived of the full pleasure there is. Read more


Why I couldn’t see “Tosca” last night

So if you follow the program at the Vienna State Opera you would know that they are staging “Tosca” for a third time this season. I’ve been to the first two ones and I thought to myself today – okay, it is Saturday why not go to the opera. Every time I have nothing to do over the weekend and check if there is an interesting opera. Don’t get me wrong – for the things that I want to see at  all costs I plan my time and the day when I want to see it but for such spontaneous stops at the opera I don’t prepare in advance. Read more