Best places to study in Vienna

Since it is again this time of the year when all of the students are facing exams and finals I was inspired to write this blog post from my personal experience. For the longest time I was the person, who studies at home. I never understood what was so charming about going to the library to study. I have always seen it as, well let’s be honest, a waste of time. I found it much more convenient to stay home, where all my books and everything is at the tip of my fingers.

However, in the recent times I encountered an enemy, which had to be battled somehow – procrastination. I think I have never had such sever moments of procrastinating before, because school was always much more dynamic. Tests and exams are a daily routine and in university it is completely different story. You have the whole semester to yourself and if you are studying in Vienna you know that in the beginning of your studies it is possible to have higher amounts of lectures but not so many tutorials and courses which expect you to turn in homework and written works. This somehow reflected on my overall organization and I had to take some measures as soon as possible. Therefore here I would share some of the places for studying, which you can maybe find suitable for you as well.

  1. Hauptbibliothek/ Uni Wien

Who hasn’t been here? This is one of the most preferable places for the students in Vienna, since it is so big and spacious. It is opened from the Monday till Saturday and it is such a magical place. Many people compare it with Hogwarts, because of this vibe you get and I would agree. There are two reading rooms (big and small) as far as I am concerned and one computer room. It is relatively calm, but beware sometimes there are students that come together and cannot obtain from discussions and small talks, which is not always pleasant. Little advice if you do not like chatty students: if you can recognize such small groups, do not sit around them and you will be fine 😉

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