There are a few rules for a good behavior at the opera house, however, there are always people who find it difficult to follow them.

Rule number 1: Dress decently

No, you should not come with a ball gown and a hair up-do, but still you are attending an opera – leave your flip-flops, sneakers, shorts and tank tops at home this is not the beach. I know that there are lots of tourists that love to visit the opera and there is nothing wrong with that. Still, if you know that you are going to see a performance that night be sure to either go and change before you come or wear something appropriate.

Rule number 2: No talking

This is a crucial rule. During the performance no talking is allowed or tolerated especially by the regular visitors. If you have something to say wait for the end of the performance or if it is really urgent make it as quite as possible and so as not to bother the other people around you.

Rule number 3: Do not stand at a place you haven’t marked (standing places)

There are so many people, who come late and just pick a spot at the standing places that has already been marked and decide that they can stay there. Some of them do not know the procedure, however, there are still such people, who do it on purpose. This is not only rude, but I will guarantee you that you will not be able to keep this spot. The ushers are there to keep an eye on the order in the room and most of them know the regular visitors, who will do more than only complain if someone is taking their place. If the place is marked in a way with a scarf or something else, it means it is off limits.

Rule number 4: No running

When the time comes to mark your place, you have to rush to get to the place that you are headed. This by no means excuses or means running. Remember, this is not a stadium, keep a fast speed by walking fast, but do not outrun people, especially old ladies and gentlemen – not only is this not fair if they were in front of you, but it is extremely rude.

Rule number 5: No eating/ drinking

The opera house is not a restaurant, sure there are the Gerstner pastry shops that sell small sweet and savory snacks, but be sure to eat all that outside of the performance room. Slurping and chewing inside is totally a no-go. Only one exception are cough drops if you are experiencing or recovering from a cold at the time. This is for sure tolerated since it will make it easy not to create noise during the performance.



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