Okay by the title you probably already think that this is not only my 75th opera, but probably I am 75 years old already and why not – even older. Well, let me disappoint you – I am just one big fan of opera and classical music although I have nothing to do with it professionally.

These days I got the itch to write something – anything. Well, what better than an update to my blog. Even though the Vienna State Opera is having its long awaited summer break the opera house at my hometown is far from slowing down. Of course, it is not so glamorous and posh as it is back in Vienna, however, it is nice to know that you have choices during the summer to go and see an opera or two. 

Till this very day I had never seen Cavalleria Rusticana. I have heard lots of positive comments and as a whole great reviews, but I never had the chance to see/ hear it myself. Well, today was the day and because here a ticket does not cost an arm and a leg I could afford a really nice place at the balcony on the first row right in the middle.

After I talked with a very close friend of mine (as passionate as me when it comes to opera), he told me – “Pay attention to the Intermezzo! It is one of the best parts.” As much as I agree with him I would allow myself to correct him here – not only the Intermezzo, but three quarters of the whole thing are not only going to delight you, but they are able to move you to the bottom of your feet. I can point at least three times during the whole opera (which itself is rather short – around 80 minutes) when I felt like crying just because I was so moved.

The story itself is not the saddest, but it is not necessarily with a happy ending. However, if you want to see a rather short performance with amazing music I think you should keep an eye on your local program if you haven’t seen it already. And if you have – I think you can only agree with me.



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