The Best Chocolate Cake Ever!

As I was wondering what to make for dessert for our guests this week, I remembered this amazing chocolate-glaze cake that I saw in the Meryl Streep’s movie “It’s complicated” starring Alec Boldwin. I don’t know if you have seen it, but it was about the rebirth of a romance between two divorcees. In her role Meryl Streep was planning a beautiful dinner for her ex-husband and she made the most perfect-looking cake I’ve seen. Maybe it was because this hungry stomach of mine or the early hours of night when I watched the movie, but I promised myself to find a recipe for this cake and make it one day. Well today was the day! perfect-chocolate-buttercream-frosting-chocolate-cake-DSC_1768 Read more


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Hey there! I’m Steffi, or if you are coming from Instagram – viennesemademoiselle, and I have been living in Vienna for the past few years.  I am currently studying English and American Studies as well as History of Arts in this beautiful city and I’m loving it. However, every road has its bumps, ups and downs, so on this blog you will be able to read a little bit more about my journeys here as well as everywhere around. I hope you find it interesting and …. Enjoy!

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