As I was wondering what to make for dessert for our guests this week, I remembered this amazing chocolate-glaze cake that I saw in the Meryl Streep’s movie “It’s complicated” starring Alec Boldwin. I don’t know if you have seen it, but it was about the rebirth of a romance between two divorcees. In her role Meryl Streep was planning a beautiful dinner for her ex-husband and she made the most perfect-looking cake I’ve seen. Maybe it was because this hungry stomach of mine or the early hours of night when I watched the movie, but I promised myself to find a recipe for this cake and make it one day. Well today was the day! perfect-chocolate-buttercream-frosting-chocolate-cake-DSC_1768

I have been home with my folks for a month now but I still have not got to cooking till today. Since we are having guests tomorrow I offered to make the dessert. As usual my lovely, but quite impatient mom was constantly asking what am I making for the dinner and more important – when. After I shared the idea for a calorie-filled chocolate cake with lots of butter and sugar the look she gave me was not very encouraging. Not only that, but when she heard of all the baking she did not want to imagine how I was going to do it. My mom’s idea of a nice dessert is either a Tiramisu, which you can make in like 20 minutes or a pannacotta. Let me give you a little hint here – I love baking and it is one of my favorite hobbies, so no worries about that mom!
I have found the recipe for the cake and I was thinking of just the right time to get on with it. Well, what more perfect occasion than my parent’s friends. Thanks to this amazing blog – “Add a pinch” by Robyn (recipe for the chocolate cake) I was able to make a foolproof attempt for a moist, delicious chocolate cake. I baked the layers and let them cool down for an hour before glazing with the frosting. Also, I decided on putting one cup less confectioner’s sugar into the frosting, because it was already sweet enough for our taste.

I would be really happy if my review was helpful to anyone and if you had no idea of baking a chocolate cake – why not?! Life is short – live it and most importantly … Enjoy it!


(c) The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe {Ever}/


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