Today I am going to tell you about one of my recent finds in Vienna off the beaten track. I was talking to my cousin and we were wondering where should we take our weekly coffee and cake and sit down for a nice and calm chat. We see each other every other week so we always try to find a peaceful and cozy place where we can sit, catch up with each other and have an endless talk about our time at uni. Then she suggested this new place, since she always passes it by when she goes to classes. And this is how we landed in Cremé de la Cremé.


We went in and I was immediately mesmerized by the look of all those amazing cakes on display. Everything looked fresh, delicious and I was eager to try them all. The atmosphere in the café is inviting and not pretentious at all. Everyone is nice and friendly, so you would probably feel as if you are not just a random customer, but an awaited guest here.

Recently I have been to Paris and I had the chance to drop by Café “Pouchkine” right across Café de Flore and let me tell you Cremé de la Cremé pastries managed to get me back there to this amazing, luxurious patisserie in Paris.

This weekend I also enjoyed a delicious breakfast there with fresh ingredients, perfectly soft boiled eggs and delicious cup of cappuccino! What more can I ask for? Also, several Austrian publications have already written articles about this new addition to Viennese coffee culture so I would as well highly recommend paying it a visit.



Address: Lange G. 76, 1080 Wien



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