What better thing to do than to start the day by having a filling breakfast than can set your mood for the rest of day. I am the biggest fan of brunches and this whole understanding of having your breakfast + coffee somewhere is so close to my mentality. Therefore, whenever I had the time I enjoy going to a nice place with friends and indulge in a great atmosphere with great tastes.


Today the place of choice was Figar 1040. I was going through quite a dilemma where I should go next. I have already visited most of the places in my neighborhood, so I needed a change – a new place to discover. Then I landed on the Die Fruehstueckerinnen blog (make sure to check their site out) and thanks to their great range of reviews of different places I was able to find some interesting options, among which was Figar 1040.

If I have to be honest, I would’ve skipped this amazing place, if I hadn’t read about it. It is located quite close to Karlsplatz and it is not so hard to find, however, on the outside it does not look so inviting. BUT don’t let that mislead you – once you get inside you can hardly get a spot! It is such high demand that only by pure luck we found two free chairs.


They have a rather wide range of options to choose from and I think everyone from vegan to meat-lovers  can find a suitable dish to satisfy their hunger. I went for the “Ausgesuchtes” breakfast which consists of some Bio bread, chorizo, scrambled eggs (or in my case a soft boiled egg), two types of cheese, ham and butter. And as I was in an urgent need of caffeine I got myself a delicious, creamy and mild cappuccino, which totally made my day.

So as a sum up I would say it is an interesting place, far from what is considered touristic (although it is in the heart of the city) and you will treat yourself to a delicious meal in a nice atmosphere.



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