You know how some days just start horribly and you think the whole day is ruined. Well today was a day like that. However, it was not completely ruined after all! A nice cup of flavorful coffee and really good food can always help to make things a bit better.

20170331_130053.jpgI had a horrible morning today and it seemed as everything was going wrong. Although, the sun is shining sometimes you feel you have a cloud over your head and you cannot seem to escape it. Still, one should always seek the silver lining, right?

I was supposed to meet my cousin for coffee this morning and we decided to be spontaneous as usual, since it was still pretty early in the morning. And then our coffee shop hunt began! While talking, we passed Spitalgasse and then headed towards Währingerstrasse and before we know it we have reached Porzellangasse. I have always thought that this is one of the most beautiful streets in Vienna. It has a distinctive vibe and all of those small cafés and shops just bring out the special atmosphere of the city. While we were crossing the street, we noticed this rather French-looking café – La Merecrie. Since I am head over heels for everything French (oh la la), we couldn’t just pass it by, so we decided to take our coffee there.

You know how sometimes you think – “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a teleportation machine?”, well this place definitely will do this for you. The small tables will give you the coziness of a brasserie, the smell of croissants will take your senses to a small Parisian bakery and the menu itself consists mainly of French snacks and pastries that will for sure make your stomach enjoy traditional selection of dishes (keep in mind that these are mainly appetizers, quiche and baked goods – sadly you won’t get confit de canard).

The coffee time, smoothly turned into a brunch. I chose for myself Planchette chateau de la loire, which consists of rillettes, ham, andouillette, freshly baked baguette and a jar of pickles. I was very content with the quality of the food, everything tasted fresh and delicious, the service was impeccable and the time I spent there turned my whole mood around. I can only recommend this place and will be sure going back there for some more of that delicious andouillette.




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