The spring is now on full blast and everyone is out either sunbathing, eating ice cream or just taking a walk enjoying the warm, sunny weather. Well, since I don’t want to differ too much from the common crowd I decided to use my Saturday to walk around the city. This is one of my favorite hobbies and in this sense I sometimes feel like Charles Dickens – the ultimate rambler. But you know what – you have to know your city in order to love it. Now it has been almost three years since I live in Vienna and there are so many magical places to discover.


Now, let’s get back to those Easter markets that I promised you. I already wrote a blog post about Easter in Vienna  so feel free to go an read about it. However, this year I came back to Freyung only to find it even more colorful and beautiful than I had left it last year. If you still haven’t been there yet, make sure to do next weekend! The variety of decorated egg shells, beautifully hand-made items and of course all sorts of treats for those who are always on the hunt for something yummy is overwhelming.

20170401_171205 20170401_170302


I have always admired the precision with which those decorated egg shells are made. They look so beautiful as if almost unreal. Plus, the designs are so different that there is something for everyone. From cute chicks and bunnies, Jesus holding a tiny lamb to more souvenir-like eggs with Stephansdom and the Vienna State Opera – there is something for everyone. Of course the prices are as various as the designs and range from 5 euros to 30 euros (or at least this was the most expensive that I saw). Still, even if you are on a budget you can find exquisite pieces without breaking the bank, plus, they make a great gift for close ones, relatives and friends.

Stay tuned for more of my recent findings and enjoy the sunny weather till it lasts!





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