On Friday I had the chance to go and see Fidelio at the Vienna state opera for the 3rd time already. The first time I have seen the opera was in Volksoper back in 2015. I was pleasantly surprised with the amazing performance of Peter Seiffert and Camilla Nylund. If you are not familiar with the opera life in Vienna this is one of the most loved operas that the Viennese have the pleasure to see. As you can imagine the room is always full and at the end of each aria you would always hear the loud “Bravo!” and why not accompanied by a whistle or two. Every time I have been at the Vienna state opera for this performance it is the same procedure.

Since I already saw the performance several times, there was no surprise with regards to the staging of the opera. Otto Schenk’s staging, as usual, is conservative and sticks with the era and flair of the epoch. In comparison to the colorful decors at Volksoper, which although cheerful sometimes looked cheap, here the gray and brown tones are in plenty. It is easy to imagine that one is in a Spanish dungeon while watching the poor Florestan lying on the floor helpless.

The performance of the two stars of the night – Peter Seiffert and Camilla Nylund, was impeccable. I have seen Seiffert perform in Tristan und Isolde as well as in Die Walküre and as usual, he was amazing. It was obvious that in the end, the audience was ecstatic after bursting in a long-awaited applause. Beethoven’s one and only opera can really touch the soul, close your eyes and you are in another world.

I can only recommend the opera if you haven’t seen it yet and if you have – you know very well what I mean. The next performances will be on the 30th of May and 2nd of June so don’t hesitate – give it a try!



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