Well, summer is upon us and guess what – it’s again 30 degrees (sometimes even more). Now, before I begin I want to put a disclaimer here and say that I am not a fan of hot weather. I am not one of those people who cannot wait for the sun to shine to throw away all my clothes and run half-naked around with flip-flops and sweating in the heat.

I like cool/ semi-cold weather and I like to have a cardigan on. Period! So much for that. If you felt addressed, you can imagine the hard time I am having in an amazing city where ACs are as rare as a dodo bird. Over time I have found some little tricks and places which make the summer here a tiny bit more pleasant.


1.National Library!

This is my top place to go in the heat. Especially now when I also have a lot to study for (finals, exams, you know the drill folks). They have the coolest AC which actually spritzes cool water drops in addition to the constant temperature of 20° which is just amazing. The one problem with that awesome place is that now it is really packed with people and if you want to get a spot you have to get there early and make sure to not leave your place unattended for longer than 45 mins, otherwise you are sure to lose it.


Even though the large part of them do not have AC they at least have ice cream and that makes up for the heat and sweat you are enduring. I think, however, that Zannoni&Zannoni near Stephansplatz and Castelleto offer AC. And maybe I am wrong but I think also this cool new place I found several weeks ago – Kurt, offering the most amazing frozen yogurt.


3. WU

I am not a student there, but no one will mind if you hang out there and just study in the cool rooms far away from that burning hot sun. Just be aware that there it gets really cold so pack a cardigan and maybe a scarf will do you good as well.

4. Swimming pools, Donau Kanal, Donau Insel

If you are finding your salvation at one of those places – lucky you! I still have tons to do before the semester is over so I can only long after going there and tanning, but if you are not so much about Uni or you are super organized and you actually get time off to chill in the sun and have a swim, try one of those options … or all of them! Of course at such cool places, you also get access to the bar filled with refreshing drinks. So yeah if your heart screams – “PARTY!” you get my point.

5. Graben

Okay, I know I am going a little bit overboard here, but hear me out. If you like high fashion and you are wondering what to do on a Saturday, a stroll around those super posh stores may turn out to be your cup of tea. I was passing by lots of them the other day and all of them have their own AC – Chanel, Armani, Louis Vuitton – you name it, they have it! They offer so much comfort to their customers and make sure that your shopping is pleasant and sweat-free.

6. Ventilator

This one is the solution for the hot nights, which I want to try out soon, but I hope I won’t have to deal with in the very near future. My roommate told me about this hack of putting ice packs behind a ventilator and then it is supposed to blow out cold air. I will see if I check this hack out for real, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Especially on those “long, sleepless nights” and not because you were out having fun, but because you are sweating like a pig and the sheets keep sticking to your back.



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