In the previous blog post I talked about my travels to Mont Saint-Michel and the time I have spent in the Normandy, however, our travel did not stop there and today I want to tell you about all of my favorite places in Paris and what I think is a must to see!


  1. Champs-Elysees

This is one enchanting street you cannot miss. Take a stroll along the beautiful cafés, terraces, and shops which seem endless when you are having a walk there. It is a great way to get a feel for the Parisian vibe and atmosphere plus catch up with some shopping. Furthermore, places such as Laduree have their branches there so you are sure to not miss on something sweet and tasty to eat. On one side of the street you get Arc de Triomphe, on the other – Place de la Concord, so it doesn’t really matter which way you take, both will lead you in the right direction.

2. Shakespeare and Company 

For someone obsessed with books and English literature, this is the sanctuary to visit. Although I have been in Paris more than a couple of time, I never had the chance to visit this amazing bookstore. Narrow, small and really inviting, you can be sure that this place will suck you in for hours, so be sure you are not planning to meet anyone after that – you will be for sure late. Shakespeare and Company offers a great variety of books and editions so no matter if you are looking for an extremely luxurious edition of Hamlet or the newest paperback edition of Harry Potter, you are sure to find what you are looking for there. After you make a purchase there, you can get your book stamped and why not get a matching tote to go with that. Just one downside is that they do not allow pictures being taken!


3. Pouchkine 

While we are on the book topic, I’ll transfer you to the world of the Russian writer Pouchkine. Go figure, but one of the best patisseries I have ever been to in Paris is called “Pouchkine” and since then there was no place to beat their cakes and desserts. We ended up sitting there by chance and our visit started with disappointment if I have to be completely honest. I’ve seen pictures of the place online but the place where we sat, had nothing to do with it. They have three pastry shops in Paris and we did not think through which salon to visit. Apart from decoration and interior the quality and great taste are the same. Sadly, right now (summer 2017) they are redecorating their locations near Madeleine and Saint-Germain, but they still have some of their other shops open so make sure to pay them a visit.


4. Luxembourg Garden 

Paris has multiples parks and gardens, however, one, in particular, is my very favorite and mainly Luxembourg Garden. I saw it first in the spring when the flowers were just waking up and everything was blooming in the most vibrant and beautiful colors. Ever since then, I always try to go back to this amazing place and admire the beautiful pond and the kids playing with boats and running around.


5. Louvre 

Well, that may be no surprise, but since I am a huge fan of art and especially the Rennaissance Epoque, this one place has the greatest collection of art pieces in my opinion. Of course, I enjoy visits to Musee d’Orsay always, but when I am the Louvre I feel that a lifetime would not be enough to get to know all of the pieces in this museum.

The best thing about Paris is that it has something to offer for everyone, so even if that list does not cater to your taste, there are still numerous options to chose from.



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