A friend of mine once complained of the lack of gourmet choices of food in Vienna. Since me and my friends live in the central districts and we do not own cars, most of the time we shop at the Billa around the corner. That is what probably explains the relatively narrow choices of cheese (apart from President) and the fact that there are not that many non-traditional items to be found. However, such a perfect city like Vienna cannot be left without foie gras and truffles, can it? So today I am going to share with you three places in Vienna where you can find the perfect addition to your fridge, suitable for even those with the finest tastes.

Merkur am Hoher Markt




Merkur is seen as one of the expensive chains of supermarket brands in Austria. They sell high quality for relatively high prices, but it should be no surprise that they also stock on delicious, gourmet options. One of my favorite things to do is wander in their shop at Hoher Markt (very close to Stephansdom and Zanoni&Zanoni) and search for interesting new things to try. The supermarket has three floors all filled with various food options both locally and imported. The ground floor offers a wide range of fruits and vegetables, nicely wrapped salads and even freshly chopped onions (no more tears friends!) The diversity is accompanied by freshly squeezed juices and a buffet with healthy meal options.

When you go upstairs you can enjoy piles and rows of baked goods and dairy. Since Merkur has its own bakery, a nice smell of bread and croissants, taken right out of the oven, fills the floor. All kinds of pastry and breadsticks can also be found around. Plus, the dairy section is all about yogurt desserts and further on you can find all kinds of ice cream and snacks.

Maybe you think that’s all? Guess again! There is a third floor, even more mindblowing than the other two: countless rows with different cheese sorts, all kinds of foreign foods and tastes and a great selection of foie gras. Also, you can be sure you will find fresh meat and fish, sushi made on the spot and a great selection of liquor and wine.

The only thing that I can say to such place is: Go and Enjoy!


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