It is summer and as everyone else, I am on holiday as well. If I have to be honest I haven’t stopped traveling for the past two months. First it was France and now I am in beautiful Bulgaria. It is true what they say that it is heaven on earth here in the Balkans – the beauty and the interesting things to see and do are endless.


I have spent some time in Ruse, Veliko Turnovo and now I am at the seaside, enjoying the sun and the crystal-clear turquoise water. If I have to be honest I have never seen something even slightly resembling the spirit of Bulgaria anywhere else and that’s why I can never fall in love with another place so much as with my home. It is unique in its atmosphere with its flaws and ups, but what I love the most is the harmony and serenity which surrounds you and gives you peace of mind. Just standing on the beach, watching the waves crashing on the shore can heal you, fill you up with energy and inspire you for something new.

The Bulgarian seaside offers something for everyone so read on in order to find out which will be the best option for your vacation!


For those who want to party and have fun all night 

I know there are some of you out there who just can’t get enough of parties, clubs, and music all night. Well, in that case, I think you have already heard of Sunny Beach, but if you haven’t this is the go-to place. This is the Ibiza of the Balkans with double more fun but double less the prices. Just keep in mind that sometimes the parties can get very wild!


Family material 

Bulgaria is very family-friendly as well and if you want to spend some quality time at the seaside, but also be with your little ones, places like Albena, Golden Sands, St. Konstantin and Elena and Sozopol can offer you a relaxing holiday with many options for young kids such as outdoor activities and aqua parks.


For the camp-fans 

Of course, there are options for those who need their peaceful time, surrounded by nature and far from the madding crowd. If you are the type of person who likes to put up a tent Gradina (Garden), Smokinya (Fig), Zlatna Rybka (Golden Fish) and many others (check this helpful website can be the answer to your prayers for some off time without having to deal with crowded resorts.

All in all, there is something for everyone in Bulgaria: for the adventurers and for the relaxed ones, for the rich and the humble, for the family and for the lonesome. Scroll through the internet and I assure you, you will find a suitable place for your holiday on the Black sea shore.



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