This iconic train has been coming to my hometown for years and years and now I finally got to see it! Of course, I have read Agatha Christie’s one of a kind “Murder on the Orient Express” as well as many other of Poaro’s adventures, but till now I never had the chance to go and see it. It was a huge thrill, especially because people here are always happy to welcome the train, wave at the travellers and take some pictures till it takes off.


The route that this train takes is from Paris to Istanbul and I think this is their longest ride. It costs the head-spinning 9000£ for a one-way ticket. Of course, you travel like a king, you make stops in the larger cities and you get to sleep in nice hotels. While you are onboard you are served the finest dishes and you receive the best service. All of the staff is dressed in authentic uniforms and the interior of the waggons is not changed much as what it was back in the day.


Of course, me being me, I checked all options that Orient Express offers, but two have caught my eye. The first one, was a one-day trip from Paris to London which is one of the “cheaper” options for around 600£ that offers a brunch and five o’clock afternoon tea. The other one is a much more expensive: from Vienna to Paris for 1 700£, including the two-day trip, lunch, patisseries for the afternoon tea, dinner, and breakfast in your cabin. All of that got me dreaming of taking a trip with it ❤ .


Now, you don’t have to be Agatha Christie’s fan in order to be intrigued by this beautiful train, especially keeping in mind that it has such a big history and has been operating since 1883. However, if you are still not familiar with it, the new release of “Murder in Orient Express” movie (premieres in November in the US) will maybe help you experience the magic and fascination behind it. The film will include one of the biggest names in modern cinema such as Judi Dench, Michelle Pfeiffer, Johnny Depp and Penélope Cruz. So stay tuned and




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