Okay, this is maybe a little bit more personal, but, hey, who hasn’t been through something bad in their life and wanted to wind off! I sure have been. Whether it is being homesick, going through a heartbreak or just being disappointed, there are tough times in life and we have to find a way to handle them. Here are some of my tips and methods how to deal with those days when you just feel everything läuft schief.


  1. Pamper yourself

This doesn’t go only for the girls! By this I mean take some me-time, trust me you need it. Whether it is to buy a bucket of Ben and Jerry’s, watch Game of Thrones on a rewind or go to the beautician, it can make you feel a whole lot better and it will be worth it in the end of the day.

2. Go for a walk in one of the parks or get lost in the small streets of the Latin quartier

It doesn’t matter what you chose: Volksgarten, Burggarten, Auggarten, all of that would do – important is to don’t let yourself sit alone at home, being miserable. Even if you go for a walk on your own, it would be much better than sobbing in your bed. It is going to help you clear your head and make you see things from a different angle. Fresh air can do magic!

3. Go to a bar, café or even a Heuriger

You know the saying: when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade, or just go grab one … or two … and maybe mixed with some white wine … maybe just go for a Hugo 😀 . Make the most of the situation and especially now when the heat waves are over you can still enjoy the sun, but not get a sun stroke.

4. Prater 

It is already September, but there are still a few warm days left ahead of us. Make the most of it and go on a roller coaster or play dress-up in Madame Tussauds – it will for sure cheer you up and brighten your day. Bonus points for going with friends! I personally love going to Schweizerhaus and eating a nice, crispy and juicy piece of Stelze. Moreover, the atmosphere, the mood and the crowd there can for sure take your mind off things.


5. Go to an opera, concert, play or a musical! 

It doesn’t matter what is your preferred venue, there is always something to go and see in Vienna. The program of Wiener Staatsoper, Ronacher, and Burgtheater is always offering performances worth visiting and what better than spending the evening, watching something fun and interesting. Plus, you can always find cheap tickets, there are almost always Restkarten, so don’t worry, you won’t break the bank.


To sum it all up, there are different ways to manage those “rainy days”, which happen in life, however, living in a big city certainly makes it better to find fun things to do on a daily basis. Those are just some suggestions and you should know that there are tons and tons of options for things to be done both at home and outside, so you just have to find the perfect one for you.


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