I decided to introduce a new category to my blog and mainly “Beauty”. I hope you have fun reading about the products I find and try.The summer is almost gone, but the consequences of the sun are still there. I think I sunbathed a little bit more and now since my tan is fading, I have to battle dry skin, which let me tell you, is not the best thing. Today I wanted to share some of the products that became favorites in the last few weeks.


The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream – 17.50 €

I bought this one back in January, because I immediately fell in love with its fresh scent of cherry blossoms. You get quite a lot of product for the price, so you can say that it is definitely a good bargain. It retails for around 18 euros for 220 ml. This amount lasted me for half an year and I know everyone goes through such products at a different pace, but still it is a great value for money. The product promises to keep your skin nourished thanks to the rice milk in it, but the one thing I loved about it, apart from the skin care, was the long-lasting smell – it is just like wearing a perfume, but at the same time it is really subtle so don’t worry if you are not a fan of heavy smells.

The Ritual of Karma Sun Protection SPF 50 – 15 €

I am guilty of being one of the biggest fans of beauty gurus on YouTube and I am constantly hearing about the bad effects of the sun on the skin and the damage it does in terms of aging and skin diseases. However, I am also guilty of not really using SPF for my facial skin. So this summer I decided that I have to change this and find a face cream with high SPF. The problem is that I have quite irritable skin and I love wearing makeup. Therefore, the cream had to be light, not leaving a white film on my skin and work as much as it can as a primer and a hydrating cream. I know, I know, I want too much of one product. Well, I managed to find one that works magic for me. And again from my favorite Rituals. Since this product has an SPF 50 I used it the whole time while I was on holiday, but I continue using it now as well under my foundation. It is very light, has a nice scent and keeps my skin hydrated. So I have to say I am very happy with it. Maybe once I finish this one, I’ll get the one with SPF 30 for the winter months.


Rituals opened their first store in Vienna last December as far as I can remember and I was extremely happy since they were not easy to get in Austria. Now, they have several stores and two directly in the city center (on Kärtnerstrasse and Mariahilferstrasse). Since then I became a regular customer and I even managed to convert some of my friends in becoming their biggest fans. The brand offers good quality on reasonable prices and a wide variety of products. What more can you ask for?

Vichy Ideal Body Balm – 17€ (notino.at)

However, I was in Bulgaria when I ran out of my Rituals body cream, so I had to find something to substitute it with. Then I found out the body balm by Vichy, which left me pleasantly surprised. It lacked this amazing smell the Sakura one has, but it still has a very nice rose scent. The other plus about this cream is that it immediately helped with my dry skin and it says it has a firming effect, but I am not sure if I am seeing that, but this is also not the effect that I am looking for at the moment.  The other thing I realized only after I started using it, was that it has the tiniest shimmering particles, which are so discrete that if you do not know about them, you won’t even notice. I am someone who is dying for glitter, but I try not to overdo it and this was quite a nice touch to this product.


I hope you find some of this info helpful, especially if you have wondered about these products.



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