This is a product I have been using for the past three years and I haven’t even thought of switching to something else. In my teenage years, I suffered from oily, acne prone skin and I was looking for something that will battle all that. I started out with Clinique’s mini kit “Acne Solutions”. As time went by my skin gradually healed and its state improved, however, I still needed a good cleanser.



I use the cleansing foam daily, yet, only in the evening before I go to sleep. It works magic for removing makeup (I use micellar water for my eye makeup) and leaves my skin clean. I feel my skin very soft and hydrated after I have washed it with the foam. I love a squeaky clean feeling, but not on a daily basis, so this product does not leave my skin feeling too dry either. I always notice that the foam leaves my skin less irritated and removes any redness that may have appeared. Also, sometimes I like to go in with a facial brush (the Clarisonic type) and gently scrub my face while the foam is still on, but as with every peeling activity, I tend to do it once or twice per week at most.


In the long run, I see that the foam prevents the excess production of sebum and I have fewer spots and imperfections. However, I need to stress that all those results are my own personal experience with the product and the foam may react differently with other skin types. I hope this was helpful in your search for a good facial cleanser.



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