Vienna is not only famous for its coffee culture but also its “brunch” culture. The charm of ordering your breakfast at 3 in the afternoon and not feeling in any way guilty about it is one of the small perks you get when you live here. Shortly after I have returned to Vienna, I turned back to an old-time favorite and mainly “Ulrich” so today I decided to tell you a little bit more about this awesome hidden gem, hugged tight between the small streets of the 7th district.


If you haven’t heard about Erich and Ulrich you are missing big time! They were established in 2013 and every time I go there, whether it is the weekend or just any other day those two restaurants are always crammed with people, however, let’s turn to Ulrich now. Of course, since we went in the busiest hour and mainly lunch on a Sunday we had to wait for ten to fifteen minutes to be seated. I have noticed that there were quite some empty tables, which were of course reserved, so for spontaneous people like me, it is crucial to be patient. After we got a table, we quickly decided what we are getting – Tabula Rasa! My ultimate mission when being on the hunt for a good breakfast/ brunch place is if the restaurant serves a balanced combination of sweet and savory choices. The Tabula Rasa includes three types of bread, a ham and salami, cheese and brie, butter, horseradish spread, strawberry jam and a jar of yogourt with granola and slices of fruit. I paired my breakfast (which was actually a lunch in the end) with a flavorful, steaming cappuccino and my cousin got a cute bottle filled with hot chocolate and a handful of mini marshmallows to sprinkle on top.


We were very pleased with the service and the quality of the food was just as good as I remembered. There were constantly people going in and out, laughing, chatting and just enjoying the last sunny days of the fall. I have to admit that while I was sitting in my chair, I couldn’t help but notice the waiters carrying all sorts of different tempting things from the menu and next time I would definitely try the “Sweet Pleasure” or the “Big Easy“.

To sum it all up, I will give this place five out of five stars and if you are always on the hunt for something new as I am and you still haven’t been here, I am sure you’ll love it. Enjoy!



St.Ulrichsplatz 1, 1070 Wien


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