If you expected something groundbreaking, I might disappoint you just now. I am a very conservative person and I stick with the things I like (if you have read my last post you know), but if you recognize yourself in this description as well, feel free to read on.

As I have mentioned before on the blog, walks are my remedy for sadness, boredom, bad mood, plus they are a great way to move a little bit, especially if you are not in the mood for doing sports (I certainly do not imagine myself going to the fitness after finishing writing yet another paper). So it doesn’t matter if you live in Vienna, you are visiting as a tourist or randomly passing by our beautiful city, I want to tell you about my favorite places for a stroll here.



Apart from being a great place for tourists, it is a favorite site for many of the locals as well, who have the habit of taking walks here, doing sports and having a picnic on the lawn of the hill in front the Gloriette. Since Schönbrunn is rather far from where I live, I do not get to go there that often, but every time I take the time to travel there, I realize how worth it, it is. The beautiful alleys with the sculpted trees, the labyrinth, the Gloriette and of course Schönbrunn itself make a walk here much more exciting than hitting the treadmill.



Located in the luxurious 18th district, this park and all of its surroundings scream “upper class”. Maybe you are aware, or if not I will tell you, the 18th Bezirk is the place all of the rich families have a house or a Villa. This part of the city is well-known as being reserved to the higher society of Vienna and of course a walk here can make you feel either as a Blair Waldorf and her gang (Gossip Girl) or totally out of place. Therefore, the park is a safe choice, since you can still enjoy the posh atmosphere to the fullest and not feel as broke as a joke when you look those houses worth several million euros.

The Ring 

You didn’t expect me to leave out the Ring, right? It is only one of the most iconic places in Vienna. I love to start my walk from Schottentor and then all the way to Stadtpark. It is a long walk (around 4 km), but you can enjoy all of Vienna’s beauties – Rathaus, Burgtheater, the Parliament, Hofburg, Burggarten, Staatsoper, Schwarzenbergplatz and many others amongst those. If you get too tired, you can always get the tram (1, 71, D) and take the rest of it sitting and enjoying the view from the inside.



I am sure you have seen those pictures of the Danube and the swans and this is one other place I really love to take walks at. Handelskai is also the place where all the cruise ships dock so on those walks I enjoy looking at all the different ships and imagine what life on deck must be. I wouldn’t recommend going too close to the swans, however, but sometimes people even go against the rules and feed them. Nonetheless, this track is also quite long and if you start at the Handelskei Station of the U6 you can go as far as Vorgartenstraße (close to the WU).



Sometimes I really do not have the time to go for a walk further than the city center. It can be in between lectures or if I have to do something in the 1st district and I find myself craving some peaceful time, some time that I can be on my own and stop to smell the roses (and yes, this is the place to be, to smell the roses literally) then I head for Volksgarten. Right in the middle of the city, it is an amazing place to sit and enjoy the splish-splashing sounds of the fountains and listen to the birds in the crowns of the trees. Bonus points if you go there at the end of the spring season and the beginning of the summer, you will be able to enjoy the scent of roses, spreading everywhere around the garden.


So that brings me to the end of this post, I hope I gave you some ideas for the times you need a walk and some me-time.



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