You are searching for a royal experience over the weekend? Look no further – some coffee and some cake at Imperial will definitely make you feel like a Habsburger. I was here last week for the first time and I was completely taken aback by the grandeur hallway, the heavy chandeliers, and the cozy atmosphere. I think it is safe to say that I am in love with expensive hotels, but sleeping in these is not exactly on my student budget. Therefore, I always look for alternatives – in this case it is true that I had to pass on the Elisabeth Suite, but I was still able to explore downstairs.


It was over last weekend that friend of mine called me on the phone to meet up. We were both back in Vienna, but did not manage to see each other earlier. At the question: Where shall we go? My answer was something like: I want to feel like an old Viennese lady and I know just the place for that. I have been thinking of visiting Café Imperial for the past year, but I either did not have the time or my companions fancied more ‘alternative’ places. Now it was finally the time to take a look! We arrived there and after a quick look around, we managed to find the entrance to the café. We were lucky to be seated, since there were hardly any free tables. As I imagined (and we all know) in these places you most often find tourists and old Viennese ladies, which I was quite impressed by. There was this beautiful lady in her seventies, wearing a green vest and a small beret with a golden brooch on the side and this was what I wanted to look like one day when I grow old – sipping on a cup of cappuccino, having small bites from my Imperial Torte and meeting with friends over the weekend.


Which brings me to my next point – what we ordered! I have seen hundreds of pictures online of the interior and the café in Hotel Imperial and you have to be blind not to notice those finely wrapped cakes in Spar, sold by the dozen. No matter how strange it may sound, I have never had an Imperial Torte in the time I have been living here, so that had to change! As soon as the Kellner came, we ordered coffee and Imperial cake and once we got our order, I couldn’t help myself but take some pictures. The square piece with the golden crest on top looked so perfect, the chocolate glaze shining with a few sparkling drops on top from the swift change of temperature – it looked amazing, almost too good to eat. But the Naschkatze in me could not wait any longer. And so the cake was gone in less than ten minutes, but we stayed there with my friend, chatted in the atmosphere and company of crystal, luxury, and some Russian oligarchs, celebrating an occasion.


On our way out, we went through the lobby and reception and we saw the hotel’s bar that is also definitely worth a visit so that is on my list as well. For one moment I felt like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, when he went into the Plaza Hotel, everything looked so pretty and as taken from a fairytale. So, now it is my mission to explore and visit as many places like this one around Vienna and share them with you. Stay tuned and Enjoy!

Address: Kärntner Ring 16, Wien, 1015, Österreich


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