This is one of the most recent and oldest museums right now in our beautiful Vienna. Huh?! Yeah, I know it sounds, let’s put it like that – weird, but since its new re-opening, it is the ‘newest’ museum in Vienna, yet, actually, it was first opened in the beginning of last century. After it has been closed for renovation since 2014, now it has been open to the public again. The grand reopening was on the 25th of October and on the 26th everyone who was interested was granted a free admission on the National Holiday. And of course, your girl was the first in line (well, kind of, there were other enthusiasts as well). After staying in line for about fifteen minutes, we were finally admitted and I was ready to start exploring.


Weltmuseum is situated in Hofburg, right next to the National Library. Its royal interior and the large rooms remind of the atmosphere in KhM or NhM, although the foyer is way less impressive than in those two. The ground floor (as far as I was able to see) has a gift shop and a café, on the first floor are all of the exotic collections and on the second floor are the knight and horse armors.


The museum offers a great selection of items from various exotic parts of the world, as well as, pieces that were brought by the royal family during their travels around the world. Canoes, tribal masks, shields- name it, it is all there. The collection of the museum is quite impressive and it includes pieces from Asia, Africa, South America and the Orient. While walking around the window displays, it is easy to get lost in the atmosphere of Chinese warriors and the fairytale spirits of colorful Indian saris. So, if you have already ‘seen it all’ in Vienna, then this may be a great idea for a weekend afternoon – there is something in there for everyone.




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