You know … when in Rome, well in our case Vienna … you cannot pass on those places which are just screaming “Come in! Get a cup of steaming coffee and some strudel!”. I have written a post about Viennese Coffee Culture where I talk a lot about why cafés are something special here and I mention some of the most iconic ones. Well, Café Mozart is in line with Café Central, Landtmann and Sacher and has been around for quite a while (it has been known as Café Mozart since 1929). Situated at the very heart of Vienna behind the Vienna State Opera and across from Albertina, it offers a cozy, luxurious atmosphere, which allures its guests to prolong their stay here for as long as possible.


The window display with all sorts of cakes and pastries that greets you at the front door makes your choice extremely difficult. Although the menu is almost identical to the one offered at Landtmann and Café Schwarzenberg, it does not mean it is less tempting or delicious. I was lucky enough to always be there with friends, so an advise I can give you is: share! Take two different things and share them, because those Buchteln and Kaiserschmarrn are just divine and not to miss out on. Last time I was here, I did just that, ordered those two with my cousin, and let me tell you, it was the best decision I had made the whole day. Both of those are freshly made and you may wait a little longer, but the spongey vanilla-smelling goodness is to die for! I accompanied those two with some Rooibus tea to warm myself and it complimented the sweet flavor really well.


According to their website, you can also enjoy main courses and a lunch menu during the week. I haven’t had a bigger meal there up till now, but once I get the chance, I will for sure update you with some tips about those ones as well.

So, if you ever pass by and you wonder whether it is worth going in and taking a seat in one of those cozy armchairs just because it looks too ‘touristy’ I will tell you – go for it. Of course, it is something that is mentioned in every second tourist guide, but the quality of service and food makes it altogether a great experience that you deserve to indulge once in a while. Stay tuned for more and till then … Enjoy!


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