After the tour at Zentralfriedhof, I was so impressed with what Secret Vienna has to offer, so once I got invited to another ramble around Vienna, I could not resist but join again. This time our walk was around the city center, revealing interesting hidden corners and lesser-known streets that I have always passed by, but never seemed to walk through. Let me tell you just this one thing, once you start living here, you go through the same paths every day and even if it is sad to admit it, with time you lose your adventurer’s spirit and occupied by your mundane daily routines, you forget to look past the tip of your nose. Therefore, thanks to this tour with Secret Vienna, the explorer’s spirit in me was once again awakened.


We started the tour by meeting at Freyung and from then on we had a walk around a larger part of the first district and got to discover more about the history of the city. We were introduced to many interesting facts including the revealing of the ‘underground Vienna’ (did you know that most of the central part was once connected through a web of tunnels?) and of course we had the chance to visit one of these tunnels, which was beautifully restaurated in the 90s. Curious to know where is it? Alright, I’ll give you a hint, it is situated underneath one of the most beautiful and famous Dirndl shops in Vienna.


Our tour continued through places such as Palais Kinsky, Palais Ferstel and of course Café Central. Once again I was able to hear the great stories about Viennese coffee culture and why in comparison to so many other European cities one can stay and enjoy a cup of coffee here, literally, for the whole day. What is more, we walked to Am Hof (which literally means ‘at the court’) and I was never quite sure why it was called that. Well, it is certainly quite far from Hofburg to be a royal court, right? And there my friends, you are as wrong as I was, it was part of the court of an even older royal family – the Babenbergs and apparently, they even used to have their tournaments and games here, how cool is that!


We were again lucky to have a nice sunny weather, and our tour guide Tatjana kept us warm and entertained with her interesting stories for more than two hours. I usually wonder, what is there to Vienna that I haven’t seen already, I have been living for some time now here, but I wanted to put myself to the challenge and as it turns out, there is still quite a lot for me to learn and take from this city. I hope this review has awakened the explorer in yourself as well and if you need some guidance behind the scenes of our beautiful city, Secret Vienna will be glad to help you out with that. Enjoy!


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