I have had a lot to do for university lately (more than usual), but we were talking with a friend of mine that we should go and visit Albertina after the opening of the new Raffael exhibition. Finally, I have found the time to do so, but as things have to be always ‘interesting’, my experience there was a tiny bit disastrous.

20171111_175725 (1).jpg

I am normally I very punctual person, however, given that it was the weekend, my tram was late, I missed the bus and eventually got there ten minutes after the time we were supposed to meet with my friend. Yet, she was not there either when I finally made it to Albertina, so after we finally met we started with the tour at around five o’clock. We have been to Albertina several times, but we went to the top floor instead of the Raffael floor. After we realized we were on the wrong level we got down again and by the time we started with the exhibition, it was already forty minutes until closing time.


As we were reading all of the labels and panels (good thing we did not get audioguides), a nice lady approached us and said: “I would have to ask you to proceed to the exit as we are closing in five minutes”. I honestly do not know where the time went, but we were not done with even the half of the exhibition when it was clear we have to leave. We had a ‘quick look’ at the remaining rooms, but people there were also being politely invited to leave, so we had no other option but to call it a day and hope to get back soon again.


So all in all, if you are interested in Raffael and the magic of fine arts you should definitely visit, but please do earlier than one hour before closing hours to fully Enjoy your experience here!




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