My experience with Mexican food goes as far as nachos with some chicken fillet that I had once at Santos ages ago and as you can imagine I lack experience. A few weeks ago, one of my very best friends called me up for lunch and she was going on and on, on the phone about this ‘great Mexican place’. I was a bit skeptical (typical me), but I really wanted to try it out and since I and my friend have similar tastes, I was not worried about the food at all.


We decided to meet at Schottentor since she said that the restaurant was somewhere on Mariahilfer and, well, I was more than surprised to see this place that used to sell jeans, turned into a cozy, hip and trendy looking place. It was again raining cats and dogs outside – quite usual for January in Vienna, and we quickly went inside. It was only half past eleven so there were not that many people inside. You can choose between tacos, nachos, burritos and that is what I call food for the soul, it tastes homemade and it is prepared on the spot for you. I opted for Benito’s best burrito with chipotle grilled chicken minus the beans (I am not very much into it). Only by the look of all of the ingredients that went on my tortilla, I knew it was definitely going to taste divine.


I took my funny-looking metal plate and headed for the seats across us when my friend pulled me to the stairs, you guessed it, I haven’t realized there is a second floor!  And my oh my, it has the coolest view towards Mariahilfer, so not only does this place offer you a great meal to enjoy but a nice view to go with it. Another thing to add to the equation is that the prices are fair, everything is made fresh and the place looks very clean and inviting. I will for sure come back again, until then you may also pay a visit – Enjoy!

20180110_124522.jpg                   20180110_114950




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