February trips: Hallstatt

It is already March and the semester break is over. However, in between traveling, having guests and writing my BA thesis, my blog had to stay silent for a while. After I am officially tired of doing research and quoting linguists 24/7, I am back with a story about my trip to Upper Austria and Hallstatt.

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This is one of the most recent and oldest museums right now in our beautiful Vienna. Huh?! Yeah, I know it sounds, let’s put it like that – weird, but since its new re-opening, it is the ‘newest’ museum in Vienna, yet, actually, it was first opened in the beginning of last century. After it has been closed for renovation since 2014, now it has been open to the public again. The grand reopening was on the 25th of October and on the 26th everyone who was interested was granted a free admission on the National Holiday. And of course, your girl was the first in line (well, kind of, there were other enthusiasts as well). After staying in line for about fifteen minutes, we were finally admitted and I was ready to start exploring.


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Vienna Design Week And a Walk Around Kärntnerstrasse

In the few days before the lectures at my department start, I decided to indulge in a more of a cultural program. The beginning of October here is always marked with the Lange Nacht der Museen, however, this year the Vienna Design Week is also taking place and it is all over the city. More than seventy venues are taking place in this amazing project so make sure to take a look at some of those during the weekend.


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For the times you are feeling sad

Okay, this is maybe a little bit more personal, but, hey, who hasn’t been through something bad in their life and wanted to wind off! I sure have been. Whether it is being homesick, going through a heartbreak or just being disappointed, there are tough times in life and we have to find a way to handle them. Here are some of my tips and methods how to deal with those days when you just feel everything läuft schief.


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Surviving the heat in Vienna

Well, summer is upon us and guess what – it’s again 30 degrees (sometimes even more). Now, before I begin I want to put a disclaimer here and say that I am not a fan of hot weather. I am not one of those people who cannot wait for the sun to shine to throw away all my clothes and run half-naked around with flip-flops and sweating in the heat.

I like cool/ semi-cold weather and I like to have a cardigan on. Period! So much for that. If you felt addressed, you can imagine the hard time I am having in an amazing city where ACs are as rare as a dodo bird. Over time I have found some little tricks and places which make the summer here a tiny bit more pleasant.


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Die Fledermaus

I’ve been fascinated with opera for as long as I can remember. My parents introduced me to this art from a very early age. I think I was five years old when they first took me with them at an opera and it was exactly for Die Fledermaus. I remember very vaguely what was happening but I remember I liked it – I liked it a lot. Maybe because of the princess dresses they were wearing or maybe because of the amazing music but I fell in love. From then on I’ve seen more than fifty operas in my life and for a 20 year old person I think that is quite a number.

As Richard Gear’s character in “Pretty Woman” says: “People’s reactions to opera the first time they see it is very dramatic; they either love it or they hate it. If they love it, they will always love it. If they don’t, they may learn to appreciate it, but it will never become part of their soul.” I really love this quote because it depicts it rather well and that is how it really is. I’ve witnessed many people seeing an opera for the first time and that is really the way it is.

Last night I saw the performance at the Volksoper and I have to admit – it awakened so many memories and warm feelings. The setting is very well made. It is very colourful and moving and keeps you very entertained the whole time. The music needs no comment – Strauss just wrote a masterpiece in which he captured the Viennese spirit and only when you hear it you can really feel it. Of course the overture and the waltz are one of the most famous and loved parts from the opera (mine as well).

As you may all know, opera is not a very cheap art. This would lead to think that with a student budget you have to be careful what you choose to see – not at all. There is this option in Vienna both in Volksoper and Staatsopera, mainly, to get standing places tickets. Very cheap – around 3 or 4 euro and totally worth it. The view you get is great and if you are lucky sometimes you may even be able to sit.

The other option you may choose is to buy a Restkarte (tickets that were not sold throughout the day) although that is valid only for students under 26 years. I chose this option yesterday – it is not as cheap as the standing places but is a very economic option – around 12 euros. I decided to take my chance and purchase that and I got a place at the balcony on the second row – how cool is that? So that way I was able to fully enjoy the performance and let myself sink completely within the music.

And that is trailer for the operette from the Vienna State Opera.