Café Telegraph

I have been meaning to write a post about this café for a long time now, but you know how it is when you have a lot to do and you always say okay I’ll do it next week and next week becomes next month and so on and so forth. Now, I have finally found the time to sit down and tell you all about this interesting place that offers more than meets the eye and surprises with great food and atmosphere.

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Café Mozart

You know … when in Rome, well in our case Vienna … you cannot pass on those places which are just screaming “Come in! Get a cup of steaming coffee and some strudel!”. I have written a post about Viennese Coffee Culture where I talk a lot about why cafés are something special here and I mention some of the most iconic ones. Well, Café Mozart is in line with Café Central, Landtmann and Sacher and has been around for quite a while (it has been known as Café Mozart since 1929). Situated at the very heart of Vienna behind the Vienna State Opera and across from Albertina, it offers a cozy, luxurious atmosphere, which allures its guests to prolong their stay here for as long as possible.

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Viennese Coffee Culture

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Vienna”? Opera? Yes, that for sure is no surprise, but there is also one other thing that the Viennese are particularly proud of and that is their coffee culture. It is literally everywhere and every self-respecting citizen of Vienna takes their time for a cup of coffee at least once per week.

Even if I don’t have the time for this ritual every day, I do my best to indulge a cup of coffee over the weekend in one of those cozy cafés. As difficult as it may be to believe sometimes I enjoy a cup of coffee more than a rich breakfast/ brunch just because it is not that time consuming, plus, here they really know what a good coffee is.

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La Mercerie

You know how some days just start horribly and you think the whole day is ruined. Well today was a day like that. However, it was not completely ruined after all! A nice cup of flavorful coffee and really good food can always help to make things a bit better.

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Figar 1040

What better thing to do than to start the day by having a filling breakfast than can set your mood for the rest of day. I am the biggest fan of brunches and this whole understanding of having your breakfast + coffee somewhere is so close to my mentality. Therefore, whenever I had the time I enjoy going to a nice place with friends and indulge in a great atmosphere with great tastes.


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Créme de la Créme

Today I am going to tell you about one of my recent finds in Vienna off the beaten track. I was talking to my cousin and we were wondering where should we take our weekly coffee and cake and sit down for a nice and calm chat. We see each other every other week so we always try to find a peaceful and cozy place where we can sit, catch up with each other and have an endless talk about our time at uni. Then she suggested this new place, since she always passes it by when she goes to classes. And this is how we landed in Cremé de la Cremé.

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Café Leopold

I have been living for almost two years in Vienna and I have never been to this café throughout the time. Few days ago a colleague of mine suggested a brunch there since I wanted to try some place new. I have heard before of it and that it was situated in MQ. I was quite skeptical about it I must admit. Museumsquartier is a place for art! Read more

Weltcafe – 10 Years

In Vienna near the Campus you would find this coffee place called Weltcafe. It doesn’t look like something special from the outside but I guarantee you – it is always crowded. It doesn’t have a certain generation target and you can see all kinds of people there – tourists, students, mothers with children, elderly – everyone.

It has been around for quite some time now (they celebrate 10 years today) and most of the people I’ve talked to are pretty familiar with it and have been there at least once. It is a very friendly place, convenient for small study groups or just meeting your friends over breakfast or one of their amazing Zotter hot chocolates.

Mainly when I go there I choose their breakfasts. They serve them all day long and they have traditional as well as a bit more exotic pieces. Each breakfast comes with a drink and I always take one of the Zotter ones – mostly the Cashew – Caramel. Really give it a try, you won’t go wrong! The traditional breakfasts include French one (basically an omelette), English and American. Other choices are the Nepalese, Japanese, Oriental and healthy one.

Apart from that they offer a lunch menu for all of the days between Monday and Friday and I must say they are very Vegetarian/ Vegan friendly. Each day they include different meals with mostly three courses – soup, main dish and dessert.

Another thing they offer is the weekend bunch. It is not very pricey – around 15 euros and it is a buffet so it will for sure satisfy your appetite. They run it till 14 pm so there is plenty of time to try everything. Another interesting thing that I’ve observed is that they don’t serve just dishes typical for a breakfast meal but pretty much things suitable for lunch as well like a goulash or lasagna. So if you want to have not only a breakfast but a lunch as well – you get plenty of choice.

To sum up I think there is something for everyone there – the staff is very helpful and polite and you find yourself in a very calm, positive atmosphere so make sure to stop by and have a look at this place – it is worth it.