I Puritani and the screens at the Wiener Staatsoper

Going to the opera is one of my favorite hobbies and what better place to do so than the Wiener Staatsoper? I consider myself a regular visitor and by far I have seen a great variety of operas. For the longest time, however, I was not able to go an see a performance (half a year if I have to be precise) but on Sunday I was back at my second home for I Puritani.

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Fidelio for the 4th time!

On Friday I had the chance to go and see Fidelio at the Vienna state opera for the 3rd time already. The first time I have seen the opera was in Volksoper back in 2015. I was pleasantly surprised with the amazing performance of Peter Seiffert and Camilla Nylund. If you are not familiar with the opera life in Vienna this is one of the most loved operas that the Viennese have the pleasure to see. As you can imagine the room is always full and at the end of each aria you would always hear the loud “Bravo!” and why not accompanied by a whistle or two. Every time I have been at the Vienna state opera for this performance it is the same procedure.

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Eugen Onegin

It has been a long time since I had some spare time to enjoy an opera, but I planned last night for a while now so I would not miss it. One of my very favorite composers is Tchaikovsky, however, I enjoy opera more than anything else, so when I know one of his operas is coming up on the program I cannot skip it.

Eugen Onegin is an opera, which tells Pushkin‘s story in a more reverse way. As a contrast to the famous novel, in the opera, the audience is able to see Tatjana’s  perspective instead of Onegin’s. If you haven’t read the novel I’ll just tell you in a few sentences what is it about.


(Anna Netrebko as Tatjana)

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My 75th opera -Cavalleria Rusticana

Okay by the title you probably already think that this is not only my 75th opera, but probably I am 75 years old already and why not – even older. Well, let me disappoint you – I am just one big fan of opera and classical music although I have nothing to do with it professionally.

These days I got the itch to write something – anything. Well, what better than an update to my blog. Even though the Vienna State Opera is having its long awaited summer break the opera house at my hometown is far from slowing down. Of course, it is not so glamorous and posh as it is back in Vienna, however, it is nice to know that you have choices during the summer to go and see an opera or two.  Read more

Five rules to keep in mind when going to the opera

There are a few rules for a good behavior at the opera house, however, there are always people who find it difficult to follow them.

Rule number 1: Dress decently

No, you should not come with a ball gown and a hair up-do, but still you are attending an opera – leave your flip-flops, sneakers, shorts and tank tops at home this is not the beach. I know that there are lots of tourists that love to visit the opera and there is nothing wrong with that. Still, if you know that you are going to see a performance that night be sure to either go and change before you come or wear something appropriate.

Rule number 2: No talking

This is a crucial rule. During the performance no talking is allowed or tolerated especially by the regular visitors. If you have something to say wait for the end of the performance or if it is really urgent make it as quite as possible and so as not to bother the other people around you. Read more

Actually Seeing Tosca

So if you follow the Opera life in Vienna you would know that one of the biggest events this season was Tosca starring Jonas Kaufmann and Angela Gheorghiu. I have never seen such a line in my life for an opera performance. I have been to beloved operas such as the works of Wagner or for performances of great singers like Netrebko and Domingo but never have I seen before so many people. I went there at around twelve o’clock at noon and there were so many people already waiting. I can never be sure of the number but probably I would not exaggerate if I say 150.

I would be a liar if I say that I was not disappointed and that I did not reconsider multiple times leaving. I cherish opera, not the singers. They come and go. I am completely aware that hearing amazing voices combined with such divine music is worth every minute of waiting but when you have to suffer discomfort throughout the whole opera you are just deprived of the full pleasure there is. Read more

Why I couldn’t see “Tosca” last night

So if you follow the program at the Vienna State Opera you would know that they are staging “Tosca” for a third time this season. I’ve been to the first two ones and I thought to myself today – okay, it is Saturday why not go to the opera. Every time I have nothing to do over the weekend and check if there is an interesting opera. Don’t get me wrong – for the things that I want to see at  all costs I plan my time and the day when I want to see it but for such spontaneous stops at the opera I don’t prepare in advance. Read more

Roméo et Julliete

Last week I went to see the Romeo and Juliette opera but right on the next day I felt utterly sick and did not have a chance to share my experience with you. I went there with a friend of mine because she is a sucker for romantic things just like me. As soon as I told her I am going, she immediately decided to tag along which was nice especially when you know you are going to wait for a while.

We were there quite early and still there were so many people that I felt rather desperate – I thought we have no chance in getting good places. However, nothing is decided till the moment you buy your ticket and eventually everything turned out pretty well in the end. Read more

Cosi Fan Tutte – Mozart

Yesterday I found myself at the opera again. What is better than to enjoy some beautiful music in a pleasant atmosphere far off chores and worries. I have two exams coming up soon and I really needed some time off studying. I tend to isolate myself quite a bit when it comes to exams and prefer to stay at home and work than go out. But sometimes you just have enough of that and you need something to distract you – then instead of watching a movie at home I grab my coat and go for an opera. Read more

La Traviata in Volksoper

Last night I saw the performance of La Traviata in Volksoper. It has been running for some time now and I never had the time to check it out. Since it is already winter break I decided that I have to make the most of my Friday night and pay a visit. Since I have seen the performance at Staatsoper I was not expecting to be so pleased with the performance. Read more