Who hasn’t heard of Julius Meinl, the great coffee brand that you can get almost everywhere in Vienna? Their name is a synonym for tradition, quality, and great taste but they offer even more than that. When I first came to Vienna, I was constantly seeing people walking around the city center with bright orange paper bags coming out of their brand store/ café. At first, I thought that tourists were stocking up on endless supplies of delicious Julius Meinl coffee, until the moment I saw old Viennese ladies coming out of the store, walking with small doggies on a leash and carrying bags full of purchases. 

I must admit, it took some time before I went in and saw for myself what people were queuing up for to buy. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the palais of the finest food choices that you can imagine. Honestly speaking, the ground floor did not impress me that much with the cookies and crisps, true, they offer all kinds of Oreo flavors and Dairy Milk, but trust me the real deal is upstairs! Take either the stairs or the elevator and you will end up on the top floor which offers a great option to get something to eat or drink with an amazing view towards Graben.  Plus, you are in for a treat at the chocolatier counter where you can pick handmade truffles and bonbons as well as all different shapes and forms of the famous Austrian marzipan. Right behind the chocolate paradise, you can find a great selection of tea and hot beverages to accompany your yummy purchases.

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, don’t worry, all carnivores will be happy to know that the finest meat and milk products are on display and on offer here – Julius Meinl knows how to treat their customers by offering only the best quality and taste. And why not pair that Parmigiano with some of their colorful pasta in the colors of the rainbow or the foie gras with some bread from the bakery which cunningly whispers with all kinds of aromas “Come and buy some fresh, soft, melting-in-your-mouth bread”?

This part of the blog will be concluded by one more place in Vienna, which maybe gives the ultimate culinary experience and I think you can already guess what I mean 🙂 ! Stay tuned for the next post that will tell you where the West meets the East and where you can actually try what you buy on the spot. Till then …



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