So if you follow the program at the Vienna State Opera you would know that they are staging “Tosca” for a third time this season. I’ve been to the first two ones and I thought to myself today – okay, it is Saturday why not go to the opera. Every time I have nothing to do over the weekend and check if there is an interesting opera. Don’t get me wrong – for the things that I want to see at  all costs I plan my time and the day when I want to see it but for such spontaneous stops at the opera I don’t prepare in advance.

I must admit that I knew that today’s “Tosca” will be special. I really love the opera as it is but today Jonas Kaufmann and Angela Gheorghiu. Both of them are really big names when it comes to the opera stage. I enjoy the opera every time because of the beautiful music, the dramatic plot and also the first time I saw “Tosca” was back in my hometown and the staging here really reminds me a lot of the one from my childhood. I should also say that I was interested to see Kaufmann since I have never heard him sing live.

For all those reasons I decided to go maybe three hours in advance. Well, that was just way too late. I think I was there at 16.10 o’clock and the line was up to Hotel “Sacher”. I cannot describe the disappointment that I felt when I saw so many people at a relatively early hour. I have never had this experience of giving up the waiting just because the line was too long. I have seen Anna Netrebko and Placido Domingo by choosing the standing places option and it has always worked good enough but not this time.

Another reason why I went at this hour is that I saw the first performance of “Tosca” last year in the autumn and it was with Roberto Alagna. I went even later and there was almost no one waiting outside. Let me remind you that he is also a great singer and not to mention relatively popular. One explanation I can maybe find is that most of the people decided to see the opera only once this season and they decided the option with Kaufmann.

My only consolation is that it will come once more and I hope I will be able to have a decent place next time. I’ll let you know how it went. Till then Enjoy! the spring days that are upon us.


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